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Yehshua ha'Mashiach vs 'Paul'Saul - A list of contradictory statements

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Paul grew up in Greece around the pagan mystery cults, but when he reached adulthood Paul moved to Jerusalem.  The Paul of history was a much different man than Christians have made him out to be.  The historians of Paul's day described him as a ruthless Roman assassin, a persecutor of the followers of the way, and a close member of Herod's family. Paul's training wasn't in Judaism it was in paganism, and this shows through very clearly in Paul's thirteen New Testament letters.  Many of Paul's verses were copied directly from pagan writings that existed hundreds of years before Paul was even born, Paul just changed the words of these pagan writings to fit his new audience.  Paul knew that his new gospel would spread very quickly amongst the pagans, because they were already familiar with these writings.  Paul laid the foundation for his twisted doctrine.
Paul and the Roman government controlled people by giving them what they wanted to hear.  But in the end 'physical' Rome was blown straight to hell never to rise again, and as for 'Paul' more and more people are being freed from his false teachings every single day.  From James The Just and Simon Peter holding a trial against Paul at the church of the Ephesus 2000 years ago (Rev 2:2), to Thomas Jefferson ripping Paul's books out of his Bible, more and more people are beginning to see the truth about this conman that pretended to be an angel of light.

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