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Added by Admin in Apostle Paul the Deceiver


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If A Man Asks For A Fish Will He Receive A See Serpent ? [Luke 11:11]
The Angel of Satans Presence Is Seated In The Apostle Paul.

Does Nature Realy Teach You That Its A Shame For Males
To Have Long Hair As The Apostle Paul Said ? If You
Cannot Fathom That Lie, How Can You Possibly
Fathom The Depths of The Dark Satanic Sentences
The Angel of Satan Speaks In Pauls Flesh/Skin/Scroll ?

Seeing The Natures of Long Haired Stars, Comeths, Lions, Wolves, Horses,
Prophets, Nazarites & Sampson, I Think Nature Itself Teaches Us That
It Is A Shame When An Amphibious Apostle Rises Out of The Sea
Shedding Scales With A Forked Tongue Declaring
The Blessed One To Be A Curse, The Sinless
One To Be Sin And The End of Gods
Good Law For All The Lawless
Ones Who By Faith Believe.

The Angel of Satan Seated In The Scaled Apostle Paul Said
"I Trust You Would Have Even Plucked Out Your Own Eyes For Me"
And Many Did Pluck Out Their Own Eyes To See Scriptures Through
The Dark Glass/Dark Gloss Snake Eyes of Apostle Paul The Blind
Leader of The Blind Teaching Men To Walk By Faith Not By Sight.

Fishing By Lamp Light 'The Pauline Mystery Gospel of Bible/Babel' Carried
By The Beastly Apostle Paul Seduces Men Teaching Them To Eat Things
Sacrificed & Offered To Idols Asking No Questions For Conscience Sake ?
[I Corinthians 8:4-13 & 10:25-28] vs [Revelation 2:20]

As For The Grotesque Wound Struck, Stamped, Printed, And Published
In The Mouth/Jaws/Face/Head/Mind/Flesh/Skin/Scroll of The Beast
Many Follow & Reverence Saying "His Deadly Wound Was Healed"
Whispered Words of Wisdom. . . 'Let It Bleed'
[Romans 7:13-25]

In The Spiritual Realm This 'Thing' Is A Very Pale Giant
Mortally Wounded To Death And The Grotesque Wound
Extends From The Top of Its Head And Down Through
Its 'Left Eye' And Ultimately Into The Lower Jaw Bone.
There Is A Great Drop of Blood Hanging From Its Chin
And Upon Closer Examination The Grotesque Wound Struck
Through Its Head Has Coagulated To Become A Bloody Red Serpent
Embedded In Its Face, And The Great Drop of Blood Hanging From Its
Chin Has Also Coagulated To Actually Become The Red Serpents Head.

A Corporate Body of 22 Beastly Books Can Be Found
Lodged Between The 4 Gospels & The Book of Revelation,
The 22 Books Are Written By 7 Authors or 7 Heads And 1 of The 7
Is Clearly Wounded To Death And Many Follow & Reverence The
Mortally Wounded Beast Saying His Open Wound Was Healed ?
The Grotesque Wound, The Angel of Satan Remains In Pauls Flesh.

In Lights & Reflections The Fishers of Men [Jer 16:16]

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