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Paul the Liar and Creator of Tares

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Did you know that the first version of the bible was the Septuagint created by Origen of Alexandria around 185 and 254 from the Latin word septuaginta meaning seventy was a Greek version of the Bible created during the reign of Phtolemy II Philadelphus created around 285 and 246 B.C.E. in Alexandria, Egypt for the Diaspora Jews? It was.

The Peshitta is a Syriac Bible. Its creation represented an attempt to create a "standard version" of the Bible amidst a variety of other Syriac texts. The name Peshitta which means simple or clear was first used by Moses bar Kepha date 903, perhaps to distinguish it from the more complex Syrohexapla, translated and created around 616 from Origen's revised Septuagint. As the centuries after the resurrection unfolded, the dominant language spoken in the Roman Empire began to change. No longer was Greek the dominant language. In 382, Pope Damascus therefore commissioned Jerome beginning in 347 to 420 to translate the Bible into Latin, a task which took him twenty years to complete. This Bible came to be known as the versio vulgata meaning common translation and became standard for the Western Church. In English, we call this Bible the Vulgate.

***CANON FICTION ALERT: In the Vulgate, NT, 1st Corintians, Chapter 1 at least twice Paul states that "it is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise." Using your bibles or by visiting drbo.org which is the online copy of the vulgate you will discover "NO" statement of the sort in the Old Testament stating such. This is a bold faced lie and example of canon fiction presented as truth whereas it is "NOT!!" Also note the abundant pagan symbolism in the Vulgate introductory page. The orbs, the sun illuminating the orb, what appears to be an upside down crescent moon on the one's head and the other the fish mouth headware worn by the Vatican to this day. Also, throughout the New Testament, there are phrases "it is written" using the Old Testament perform a search of your bibles, you will discover that 3/4 of the quotations "DO NOT EXIST."

For the remainder of the text visit http://ancientwordseries.blogspot.com/2009/05/paul-liar-false-teacher-and-creator-of.html

The New Testament is a false book. For additional reading regarding the pagan NT visit http://www.rickrichards.com/bible/Bible.html and Get your copy of The Ancient Word Series: The Book today and be blessed.

For the enlightenment of your mind, body and spirit blessings to you and your families,

Rev. Melissa Smith,
Ancient Word Series,

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